Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 for my next purchase?

 I’ve got my heart set on the Kawasaki Z1000SX after a suitably impressive test ride.

I’ve fallen in love with the Z1000SX.

I like the aggressive looks; it looks sporty, but it’s also great for touring long distances, due to the fairing and adjustable double bubble screen. I had the screen in the highest setting and it blew the wind into my face. Not great for the audio set up in my helmet for MotoVlogging, but great for keeping the wind away from your chest and feeling like you’re being pushed off the bike.

The engine is super smooth and the power is delivered in spades, giving a definite torquey feel. I rode the ZX10RR during another test and it felt like I was trying to tame a dragon. No such feeling with the Z1000SX, which felt manageable, but still enough excitement about 7000rpm to make you concentrate. Being in Norway, I couldn’t redline it in every gear, but I’ve no doubt it will pull enough to cope with autobahn speeds.

I liked that there was no issue in rolling on in higher gears at around 40Kph, which made sitting in slow moving traffic a pleasure and not a chore. I did test the traction control which was either available in Full or Low Power. When put in low power, I had no issue with opening the throttle coming off a roundabout. I could see it working with the shift light/TCS light flashing away. There were no issues on the damp roads and left me with that safe feeling.

I found the Kawasaki a very comfortable bike at slow speed as well as motorway speeds. The seat was very comfy and the bars at the right height and angle. They’re straight bars, but not overly upright. It still leaves you feeling that you’re in a more sporty position on the bike, which would be of benefit when banging into those mountain curved roads.

I loved the ride of the Kawasaki and I can’t wait to get back to the UK in the New Year and look at buying one.

2 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z1000SX 2017 for my next purchase?”

  1. Great bike…tried it two times when Kawasaki Roadshow visits Haugesund. But also looked at Versys 1000 and tried it, same engine except a litte retuned. But Z1000Sx has a better look. Versys 1000 better on gravel/bumpy roads, and has a more relaxed riding position og long rides 🙂

  2. Just got one recently and planning first solo trip to Norway this year. Very smooth and great power delivery. Just an awesome bike ☺


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