Post Tour Blues

There’s an air of sadness in Stavanger tonight. The bike’s in the garage and not been ridden for weeks…..even months. The riding season is over in Norway and to top it off….i’ve been banned from riding due to speeding!

Welcome to my first blog! For those who haven’t followed my progress, I have recently completed a 12 day trip up to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Whilst it was an absolutely awesome journey, i’ve not managed to rid myself of that sense of wanderlust.

What i’m feeling is not a new phenomenon. I’ve read many books and posts on social media of those avid travellers, who have returned from such a mind blowing trip away, only to be left with that hollow feeling weeks later.

Ever since i bought the Suzuki GSX650F in April of 2015, i’ve thought of nothing but touring Norway by motorcycle. I’ve watched numerous YouTube video’s, read numerous blogs and stalked as many adventure motorcyclists as possible.

Not only is it the excitement and anticipation for planning such a long trip, but it’s the joy and the amazing things you experience each day. That sense of being on your own and in your own thoughts is a feeling that I cannot re-create off the bike.

Each day of the trip ‘up north’ brought frustrations and amazement; joy and dread; sadness and appreciation. Such a journey, whereby you’re constantly on the go with a mix bag of emotions, is such an amazing feeling.

I returned from my trip having a sense of incredible achievement and set about immediately editing my footage from my GoPro and putting together some video’s of my journey on YouTube.

It’s given me bags of satisfaction putting together some vlogs for others to enjoy. That said, I’ve hit the winter months and the bikes away, which leaves me a little bit lost for things to do. So i thought i would give this blogging malarky a go.

So here it is folks. My first Blog. I’m hoping that this will not only fill the gap whilst i get the Norwegian winter out of the way, but it will be the start of a new hobby.

You can watch the whole Norway trip here Norway Road Trip 2017


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  1. Good to hear from you mate. Sorry to read that you’ve been banned. Be good to read about your experience of motorcycle touring through the blog.


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